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Sports Massage is an increasingly popular type of massage.
Athletes, both professional and amateur, as well as individuals benefit from this type of treatment given to its great benefits.
A sports massage on a regular basis can help prevent injuries by improving muscular fitness.

During sports event’speriods, participants tend to have regular treatments in order to prevent muscles from getting injured during the competitions and to improve overall muscular performance.

Pre-event Massage is normally given any time prior the competition, ideally between a maximum of 5 days to a minimum of 2 hours before. A pre event prepares the body’s muscles to the intensity of the event, it stimulates the muscularsystem and focuses on the main muscle groupsused during the event. 

Post-event Massage assists the athlete’s muscles during the warming down process, giving the body the ability to come out the fight and flight mode.
The treatment provides a similar effect to a warming down routine session and it is done soby stretching the muscular tissue and removing waste such as lactic acid and dead cells form muscles.

The treatment path

Evaluation (by looking and asking questions)

Palpation (feeling local areas with finger tips)

Effleurage (stroking)

Petrissage (kneading)

Tapotement (percussion)    


Cross fibre massage

Along fibre massage

Trigger pointse

Neuromuscular technique

Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

Most common Sports injuries include:

Rotator Cuff Injuries (Shoulder rotator muscles)

Frozen Shoulder

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Runner’s Knee (Illio-tibial band syndrome)

Tennis Elbow (Lateral epicondylitis)

Golfers Elbow (Medial epicondylitis)

Shin Splints

Sprains (Ligaments)

Strains (Muscles)

Torticollis (Neck injury)

These are some of the techniques we use to manage and treat pain and injuries.

Injuries, pain… all these conditions can be caused by various factors. Some are just work-related and others are due to postural issues and sports activities.

Sports activities aren’t always the cause of injuries, but when our bodies are exposed to high speed/strenuous exercise in combination with other factors such as flat feet, bad shoulder posture or slouching, can cause some of the following:      


runners knee

hamstrings tightness

calf strain

Achilles tendinitis

neck stiffness

poor shoulders rotation

lower, middle and upper back pain

A sports massage treatment can make a great difference in the way muscles get re-positioned. During a sports massage treatment, muscles tackled on a singular basis ( one muscle at a time), increasing the blood inside the muscle to circulate out thus allowing fresh blood with nutrients and oxygen to enter the muscle which, combined with the right pressure, will allow muscles to deal with tension, knots and tightness.