Prices sports massage in Canary Wharf – Bank – London

Prices sports massage in London covering most central areas in the city and surrounding areas.

Prices guide:

As you may be aware, there is an affected area that’s causing pain and there is a source that can be causing the problem, time to deal with both areas is essential, but ultimately is the patient’s decision and budget on how long a deep tissue sports massage session they can go for.

A 30 minutes appointment is ideally used as a follow up appointment given that the session isn’t long enough to deal with any arising issues found during the treatment. Having said that, we can still book a 30 minutes initial session if required, pressure will be higher to minimize time spent on each area to meet the allocated time.

45 minutes will allow enough time to deal with existing issues and find connection sources to the affected area if the injury is relatively new, pressure will be moderately strong.

A60 minutes appointment is ideal to deal with a long standing existing condition and finding the source of it, pressure will be managed in three stages to allow inflammation to subside during the treatment.

A 75 minutes appointment is perfection when dealing with an old standing injury or affected area, active resistance movements can be added to the treatment which are ideal to strengthen the affected area. This slot makes a difference in the length the patient perceives the treatment lasted, as all the other slots go really fast.

90 minutes appointments allows patients to relax after the initial pressure and also enables lots of active and passive resistance movements during the treatment if the affected or source areas requires them.

2 hour sessions allow all of the 90 minutes session plus extra time to relax after the strong pressure used at the beginning of the session.

Greenwich, Canary Wharf and City
30 minutes Blast £50
45 minutes Blast £70
1 Hour Blast £80
75 minutes Blast £90
90 minutes Blast £100
2 Hours Blast £130

1 Hour Blast £90
90 minutes Blast £110
2 Hours Blast £150