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Bond Street Oxford street-St James Park-Green Park-Berkeley Square-W1-West London

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Sports Massage and deep tissue massage treatments in the heart of Mayfair. Just around the corner from Bond  street tube  station and Oxford Street in W1.
We are a well established sports massage injury clinic and we solely provide massage techniques to deal with muscular issues.

 South Molton street W1K 5SL 

             Landline 020 7887 2669 – Text us on  07961 110639


In Mayfair, we are conveniently located just around the corner from Bond street station at just a few minutes walk from Berkely square, Green Park, the Claridges Hotel and Oxford street.

The clinic is within easy reach of Grosvernor Square, Piccadilly Circus and Hyde Park Corner. From Soho, it can be reached in just ten minutes walk.


Sports massage – deep tissue massage

We deal with most muscles that are in pain.

Sometimes muscles get tight enough to compress the nervous system. One example is sciatica, which often is caused by a tight piriformis muscle. Another case is when symptoms similar to pins and needles in the arms, hands and fingers can also be a common issue due to pinched nerves at the top of the upper back.

Lower back gets stiff after a long day at the office, flying or due to a sudden movement.

Other injuries include: stiff neck, lower back pain, tight hamstrings and calves.

Techniques: We apply:Deep tissueSports massage:Myofascial (muscle) releaseActive muscle techniqueTrigger points 

Clients: We treat patients with injuries ranging from a professional sports environment, regular sporting activities (running, swimming, cycling, gym workout, boxing, rugby, football etc).

They participate in exercise  to keep fit, to participate in events such as marathons etc.

We also treat clients with postural issues, which can be caused by long exposure to working at a desk, long meetings or regular business travel.

Basically, we treat anyone who develops tight muscles and need a hands-on approach to resolve muscular issues.

Established in 2008

We aim to treating sports injuries and massage in London. Concentrating on what we do best; massage treatments, including deep tissue, Swedish or sports massage.

We deal with soft tissue pain and tightness – scar tissue build up- limited range of movement pins and needles sensation etc.


We have different types of patients, usually, those patients who are dealing with discomfort or even pain as soon as possible.

Finding the root cause of the issue is what we aim at each time we treat a patient, following a body scanning bare handed, we aim to finding knots and then dealing with them.

Delivering an effective session at a reasonable rate as quickly as possible