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Sciatica is a pain on the outer side of the leg caused mainly by compression of the sciatic nerve.
There are two main causes of sciatica.One cause of sciatic pain could be due to a bulged – also known as herniated or slipped disc – in the lower back, where the disc is compressed by the spine which will make it bulge to a side, similar to a balloon being stepped upon.
The disc will be in contact with the sciatic nerve and this will react by sending a shooting pain down the leg, through the gluteus (buttock muscle).The worse the condition gets, the lower in the leg the pain will move, until it reaches the calf and base of the foot.
The most common treatment for the above is to massage the muscles around the herniated disc and stretch the spine to allow the disc to fill up with fluid.
Another, less worrying and easier to treat cause of sciatica is the tightness on the piriformis muscle, causing piriformis syndrome.

The piriformis muscles is located in the buttock area and runs from the base of your spine (sacrum) to the head of the femur (thigh bone)
Piriformis Syndrome causes pain in the buttock which radiates down the leg and is due to the Sciatic nerve being impinged by the piriformis muscle.

This condition is treated by removing tension from the piriformis muscle with deep tissue massage strokes and stretching the muscle.

During pregnancy, some women do also suffer from sciatica and this condition tends to improve once the pregnancy period is over.

Where does the sciatic nerves run through?The sciatic nerve originates at the lumbosacral plexus L4 S3 (Lumbar 4 -Sacral 3 or Lumbar spine)The nerve then branches through the buttocks and down the back of the leg until it reaches the foot.
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