Arm Injuries

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Tennis elbow

One of the most common cause of pain in the elbow. Symptoms are pain on the outside of the elbow close to the bony attachment, weakness in the wrist and difficulty gripping things. We have advice on tennis elbow treatment, exercises, stretching and how a tennis elbow brace can help.

Golfers elbow

Golfers elbow is similar to tennis elbow but results in pain on the inside of the joint. It is usually an over use injury with symptoms coming on gradually. We look at golfers elbow in more detail examining the causes of elbow pain and treatment methods available.

Dislocated elbow

Dislocated elbow is a rare and traumatic injury causing sever elbow joint pain. Usually a result of a fall or direct blow perhaps in martial arts or a car accident and may also result in a fracture of one of the arm bones. There will be extreme pain with an obvious deformity, swelling and bruising. Immediate hospital treatment is required followed by a lengthy rehab period.