Neck Pain

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Neck pain can be caused by different issues such as a heavy night sleep, a sudden movement, posture or intense exercise.

Neck and shoulders area can be treated fairly quickly at first, depending how long you had the discomfort for. The treatment is fairly effective and can be applied as soon as you have the pull feeling.

ignoring the discomfort will cause lack of concentration and focusing on just the pain and nothing else. It can clear by itself without treatment after two days, but if it doesn’t clear, it must be treated immediately. The quality of your life will depend on it.

When muscles get too tight, they would contract to a point where the nerves between the muscle group may get compressed and trapped.

Is common to have tightness on the upper part of the shoulder or around the shoulder blades when a nerve is trapped or a muscle is too tight to allow movement on the trapezius muscle and the rhomboids.

Nerves extend from the brain into the arms and legs to send messages to the muscles or skin. A nerve that leaves the spine and goes into the arms and legs is called a peripheral nerve. Peripheral nerves are bundles of millions of nerve fibres that leave the spinal cord and branch outward to other parts of the body such as muscles and skin. For example, these nerves make muscles move and enable skin sensation.