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Hot Stone Therapy

Stone therapy is an ancient therapy with records of its use dating back for over 2000 years. 
By looking at ancient cultures and civilizations we can see that as humans, we have used hot stones for centuries from heating our homes to sacred rituals.basaltstone

Healers used stones from river beds and warmed them either in hot coals or hot water.
Placing the hot stone on cloth on the body and arranging them along,
The energy centres of the body would help relax the muscles and reduce pain or discomfort.
Stone Therapy is a deeply relaxing treatment, which combines holistic massage with the use of water heated smooth basalt stones and cold stones to release physical tension, improve circulation and flush toxins from the body.Using hot stones relaxes the muscles and connective tissue, so reduces tension on the joints; this effect also allows for deeper massage manipulation of the soft tissue (flesh) and eliminates any therapeutic discomfort that may occur from the remedial massage alone.
This approach is usually found to be deeply relaxing and very comforting. 

The treatment lasts for one hour and thirty minutes minimum and it is highly recommended for all those who suffer from insomnia and find it difficult to relax.